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Lingo Vocabulary Trainer 1.0

Lingo Vocabulary Trainer 1.0: Lingo is an intuitive vocabulary training application. vocabulary support, Custom vocabularies add/modify/delete, Save your own vocabularies, Add as many books in a language as you like, Each book may have unlimited number of chapters, Fast tree view of languages, books and vocabularies, Random word selection, Retrying wrong answers, Setting number of repetitions, Sharing of vocabulary files, Vocabulary files can also be themes (such as shopping, traveling etc.), Open XML file format (DTD available on

Lingo Vocabulary Trainer 2007 SE: Lingo is an intuitive vocabulary training application.
Lingo Vocabulary Trainer 2007 SE

vocabulary trainer that makes it easy to memorize foreign words. You can easily memorize the vocabularies for tomorrow`s exam or impress your business customers and bosses with a wide vocabulary. With Lingo you can practice words until you know each and every one of them. Lingo remembers the ones you have difficulties with and repeats them until you get them right. With Lingo you don`t waste your time with long games where you only learn a few words

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VocProf Vocabulary Trainer 2.03: VocProf is a powerful multilingual vocabulary coach.
VocProf Vocabulary Trainer 2.03

VocProf helps students and foreign language learners learn their vocabulary very efficiently. VocProf has been developed upon the experience of hundreds of foreign language learners. To match their high demands, VocProf provides various learning methods: learning sessions to learn vocabulary, vocabulary tests to test your knowledge and train your words. Highly innovative features ensure that studying vocabulary with VocProf is very efficient.

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Vocabulary Trainer 4.7.1

This is a vocabulary drill tool which is an excellent supplement to any course or a textbook, or for individual study. The trainer uses a unique approach to learning vocabulary which is optimized for lifetime learning, not just for short-term memorization. Works with any target language!

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VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) 5.2: The optimized spaced-learning system adopted by 50 universities
VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) 5.2

VTrain is a flashcard-based tool used in 50+ universities. Its unique spaced learning system guarantees you will remember any foreign word for years after only a few repetitions. It includes a multimedia-enabled editor that supports image edition and voice recording, and facilities that ease bilingual typing. Other features include statistics, slideshows, and printing. Free flashcards in 40 languages are available from the website.

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iLanguage 2.2

vocabulary in units/wordlists with a mouse-click for customized sessions with the iLanguage vocabulary- and memory trainer. Additional features to make your study efficient include advanced search-options from both language directions, cross-wordbook search, unit-/wordlist-wise testing, printing of customized lists, conjugation- and declension-examples manager, recording of word pronunciation, import of own wordlists from excel sheets, easy access

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Memler 2.4: Memler - powerful vocabulary trainer and a fast dictionary.
Memler 2.4

Memler is a powerful vocabulary trainer and a fast dictionary. Just add any words you want to learn in your words library, and in several days you`ll know them well. Let Memler learn you, only several seconds for an hour. You can download free words libraries from our site or build your own. Dictionary mode, skins support, free words libraries, powerful words libraries manager, and more. Learn languages with ease!

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